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I2C Accessory for Additional Voltage Sources

The Radiant I2C DAC is an accessory that attaches to a Precision Non-linear Materials tester to provide additional static voltage sources and an independent voltage measurement node.  The accessory has an electromechanical relay on its output to allow the unit to be placed in Hi-Z with respect to the electrical node to which it is attached. 
The unit is connected to the tester using 6-wire telephone through the tester I2C port.  The I2C DAC is required to run the magnetoelectric and transistor measurement tasks in the Vision Library.  It may also be used to control other instruments during an experiment.  For instance, the intensity of a laser or the condition of a shutter in front of the laser may be easily controlled using one or more I2C DACs attached to the tester.  For a complete description of the I2C DAC, down load its application note:
The I2C DAC responds to the following Tasks in the Vision Library and QuikLook:
          I2C Volts
          I2C Relay
          Read DAC Controller Volts 
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