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Magnetoelectric Response Bundle For Bulk Ceramics and Thin Films


Magnetoelectric Testing


Radiant's Magneto-electric Bundle offers researchers a complete platform to efficiently characterize magnetic coupling of multiferroic or magnetopiezoelectric devices.   Radiant's Magnetoelectric Bundle is offered in a Bulk Ceramic and Thin Film Testing Package.



The Magneto-electric Hardware/Software Bundle Includes: 
Radiant Precision Current Source CS-2.5 (includes 2 voltage outputs, current sensor, 2.5-amp current source, Helmholtz Coil, Test Fixture for Bulk Ceramics
or Thin Films, and Magneto-electric Software Task

Radiant's Magneto-electric Bundle also hooks up to existing coils on the market such as GMW and other manufacturers. 



There are a wide variety of measurements besides the magnetoelectric response that can be executed with the Magnetoelectric Bundle.

1)  Polarization Hysteresis vs Magnetic Field


2)  Remanent Polarization vs Magnetic Field


3)  PUND vs Magnetic Field


4)  Conduction vs Magnetic Field (the so-called magneto-resistive memory effect)


5)  IV vs Magnetic Field


6)  Small Signal Capacitance vs Magnetic Field

Figure 5 below shows the response of the reference sample measured with the Magneto-electric Response Task. The result in Figure 5 was within 1% of the theoretical value given the strength of the magnet and the piezoelectric coefficients of the PNZT capacitor.

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