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Thin Film Piezoelectric Test Bundle (TF-PTB)

Accuracy and Uniformity

Radiant's Thin Film Piezoelectric Test Bundle accurately determines the e31, d31 and e33 coefficients for piezoelectric thin films with 2% reload uniformity.  The Thin film Piezoelectric Test Bundle measures the piezoelectric coefficients of thin piezoelectric films deposited on cantilvers, voltages applied to the piezoelectric film will bend the substrate in various directions.  The displacement is captured by the displacement sensor configured to capture the motion of the cantilever tip.

Radiant offers three versions of the Thin Film Piezoelectric Test Bundle:
1).  With a photonic sensor for 4 Inch/ 72mm cantilevers (4")
2).  With a photonic sensor for 2 Inch/42mm cantilevers (2")
3).  A tower fixture for holding cantilevers under LDVs - work with Laser Dobbler Vibrometers
or Polytec Systems

Three types of measurements can be taken with the Thin Film Piezoelectric Test Bundle and a Radiant Precision Test System.

1).  Determines cantilever tip displacement as a function of voltage.

2).  The second type of test that can be executed is a direct d31 measurement. This is accomplished by forcing the cantilever tip to move while recording the charge generated by the piezoelectric capacitor as it is stressed.

3).  Measures E33 if interdigitated electrodes are used.



No variance for re-loading same sample.

Simple to Operate



Thin film or bulk, production or research.


The Thin Film Piezoelectric Test Bundle will accommodate various sample geometries.

Measurements with the Thin Film Piezoelectric Test Bundle Include
(but are not limited to):


  • E31, D31, E33 vs Thickness

  • Displacement vs voltage

  • Piezoelectric Fatigue

  • Piezoelectric Ageing

  • Composition Comparison

  • Process Monitoring

  • Multiple Plotting and Averaging

Thin Film Piezoelectric Test Bundle Includes:

Thin Film Piezoelectric Test Fixture

Piezoelectric Displacement Sensor
Radiantís Piezoelectric Displacement Sensor Specifications
1 micron with a range of 6mm. The Piezoelectric Displacement Sensor analog output is calibrated to generate 5 microns/volt (or =0.2V/micron) on the near side slope.
When the Piezoelectric Displacement Sensor analog output is connected to a Precision Test System Sensor port that output voltage is measured by an ADC whose resolution is 0.3mV per step.

Advanced Piezoelectric Software
Advanced piezoelectric software executes automated tests and provides clean displacement measurements for thin piezoelectric films or piezoelectric MEMs. The software can be congured for different measurements and generate multiple plots at the touch of a button. It corrects multiple measurements for test stand drift and then averages/smooths the measurements to correct high and
low frequency noise.
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