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Ferroelectric Materials Testing & Integrated Ferroelectric Devices

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Founded in 1988 Radiant Technologies is a company dedicated to the evolution and exploitation of Thin and Bulk Ferroelectric and Multiferroic Film Technologies and related products.  As industry inventors from the inception of this technology, we continue to uphold our position as a respected world leader in research, development and implantation of ferroelectric technologies.


Radiant invented the first ferroelectric test system in 1988.  Joe Evans the President of Radiant Technologies, Inc pioneered the development of the first functional ferroelectric integrated circuit 1986.  Radiantís test systems are used worldwide and have become the standard in ferroelectric film characterization. 
Radiant Technologies, Inc is continually developing a more significant position in the field of ferroelectric patents and has recently introduced a new Magnetoelectric/Magnetopiezoelectric Hardware/Software Bundle, New Precision Nano Displacement System for measuring Sub-Micron Devices (PNDS), and a Transistor Hardware/Software Package.  We are also pleased to announce the Precision LCII Test System.
           1) Radiant's unique integrated ferroelectrics manufacturing process,

2) Radiant's position as the premier test equipment company in the world for ferroelectric materials, and

3) Radiant's understanding of the physics of ferroelectric materials.

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