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Ferroelectric Materials Testing & Integrated Ferroelectric Devices

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Since its inception in 1988, Radiant Technologies, Inc. has been dedicated to innovative and creative uses of Ferroelectric and Multiferroic technologies and products.  Radiant pioneered and developed the first ferroelectric test system which quickly became the world-wide industry standard for characterizing non-linear materials.  Radiant's test systems and allows researchers the simplicity, power and flexibility to take experiments to the next level. Precision and accuracy has been the driving force behind the engineering of our test equipment and thin ferroelectric-film-capacitor components.  Radiant's test systems save an average of 40% on research and development costs by providing advanced measuring systems with automated software that require no configuration changes.  Complete packages are provided for Ferroelectric, Multiferroic, Piezoelectric, Thermal, Reliability, and Transistor Testing.
Vision Data Management Software (included with Radiant's Test Systems) is a revolutionary software package that provides exceptional freedom to design, conduct, and review all procedures associated with any material experiment.  Vision allows week-long testing capabilities with automatic data acquisition, storage, plotting, and data export.  Vision dramatically reduces previously time intensive processes.  The type of tester determines the range of voltages, frequencies, and sample sizes that Vision may characterize with that tester. 

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