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AFM Measuring System for Reverse Voltage
d33 Coefficient

Radiant’s Precision NanoDisplacement System is a modified Atomic Force Microscope (AFM measuring System for Reverse Voltage d33 coefficient) designed to capture the large signal piezoelectric butterfly loops of piezoelectric and ferroelectric capacitors. It does so by use of a Light Lever where a fixed laser reflects a beam off of a thin cantilever in contact with the sample surface. The reflected beam hits a quad cell photosensor that can detect the vertical and lateral position of the laser spot. For Ångstrom level displacements, the position of that spot yields the piezoelectric response of the sample during voltage stimulus. For micron level displacements, the effect that the laser spot has on the length of a piezoelectric chuck upon which the sample rests yields the piezoelectric response. The PNDS outputs a signal to your Radiant tester containing the displacement information. The tester captures that signal simultaneously with a hysteresis measurement to generate the piezoelectric displacement plot.

The PNDS includes everything you need for AFM scanning: a stage, control electronics, probes, manuals, and a video microscope. Hooked to a Radiant Precision Test System and bundled with Radiant's Advanced Piezo Task Software, the PNDS provides measurements of sub-micron “spot” sizes. The PNDS has the resolution of small fractions of Angstroms confined to areas with Nanometer dimensions. The Advanced Piezo Task will acquire multiple loops under automated control, remove vertical chuck drift from the measurements, average the loops, and smooth the results.