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Heated D33 Bulk Ceramic Piezoelectric/Pyroelectric Test Bundle to 230C (HB-PTB)

Heated Bulk D33 Piezoelectric/Pyroelectric Test Bundle to 230C

The Bulk Ceramic Piezoelectric/Pyroelectric Test Bundle is a cost effective option for researchers measuring piezoelectric displacements (converse d33 measurement) on the order of one micron or larger using Radiant testers.  The heated test fixture provides a safe operating environment for testing at high voltages (10kV) and is rated to 230C. The fiber optic sensor detects the amplitude of non-coherent light reflected from the sample surface to determine the distance from the sensor wand to the sample surface.

The Bulk Piezoelectric/Pyroelectric Test Bundle allows samples to internally be heated to 230C in a self-contained test fixture. The heating unit is built-in to the sample holder, so no additional temperature chamber is necessary. The bundle's simple user interface is controlled by Radiant's fully automated Vision Data Acquisition Software.  

Note:  Piezoelectric displacement vs. temperature profile requires manual recalibration of the displacement sensor at each test temperature due to changes in the test fixture dimensions.


Safe High voltage Testing

Test Fixture rated to 230C. Constructed from 50kV Teflon with 25kV connectors rated to 250C.

Built-In Oil Bath

Silicon oil immersion.

Simple to Operate



Production or research.


Accommodates various sample geometries


Fully controllable from Vision Software.

What the HB-PTB Includes


Piezoelectric Displacement Sensor
Radiants Piezoelectric Displacement Sensor Specifications
0.1 micron with a range of 6mm. The Piezoelectric Displacement Sensor analog outputs is calibrated to
generate 5microns/volt (or =0.2V/micron) on the near side slope.
When the Piezoelectric Displacement Sensor analog output is connected to a Precision Test System
Sensor port that output voltage is measured by an ADC whose resolution is .079mV per step.

Heated Piezoelectric/Pyroelectric Measurement Test Fixture
The test fixture provides a safe operating environment for testing of bulk ceramics at high voltages (10kV) and high temperatures (up to 230C). The test fixture connects to a Radiant Non-linear Materials Tester via rubber coated high voltage cables rated to 50kV DC or 10kV AC. The unit is constructed with Teflon and holds the sample under test during high voltage application. When combined with the insulated high voltage cables from the tester, the entire high voltage test path is completely enclosed with insulation rated to 10,000 volts to provide a safe operating environment for the user despite the high voltages.

Advanced Piezoelectric Software
Advanced piezoelectric software executes automated tests and provides clean displacement measurements for bulk piezoelectric films or piezoelectric MEMs. The software can be configured for different measurements and generate multiple plots at the touch of a button. It corrects multiple measurements for test stand drift and then averages/smooths the measurements to correct high and low frequency noise.

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