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Vision Date and Version


Current Installer Version:  5.30.0
Current Installer Date:      6 May 2021

Version 5.30.0
  • Repair the Advanced Piezo Task. A point count was being calculated that was too large for the RT66C. Measurements were returning an error.
  • Repair the Signal File - Write Task. The Task was crashing when the main configuration dialog was opened.
  • Repair the Remanent Hysteresis Task. Controls were not properly labeled on the main configuration dialog and the parameter adjust dialog when the DRIVE signal was specified in units of Electric Field (kV/cm).
  • Corrections to the operation of the Autocal 230 C Task.
  • DRIVE 5.30.0 also includes corrections to the Autocal 230 C operation.
  • The accumulation of minor and moderate updates over the 5.29.x version series leads to the 5.30.0 intermediate version update for Vision and all Tasks.
Version 5.29.10
  • Driver version 5.29.8 includes internal changes related to control of latest model of internal amplifier.
  • Minor Main Vision Manual update. Begin to add items to an index.
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