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Vision Date and Version


Current Installer Version:  5.26.1
Current Installer Date:       4 February 2020

Version 5.26.0 includes two main changes:
  • The USB bus was enumerated twice by the Precision tester on Vision startup or on Hardware Refresh. This was redundant. The redundancy has been removed. This will be noticeable since the Windows USB disconnect/reconnect sound sequence will no occur only once.
  • Previously direct-Excel exporting by Tasks that collect large vectors of data - Hysteresis-based Tasks, Leakage and Filters - was very slow and prone to errors. Direct-Excel exporting was not recommended. This problem has been remedied for most of these Task types and direct-Excel exporting is nearly instantaneous, error-free and, once again, recommended. Note that this update does not yet extend to the DTLS, PAINT or FFT Filter Tasks.
Version 5.26.1 Fixes an error in Hysteresis Excel exporting

Windows XP and Vista Support Has Ended - Vision 5.26.x cannot be installed under Windows XP or Vista.

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