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Current Installer Version:  5.28.7
Current Installer Date:       10 December 2020

Version 5.28.7
  • Extend general Task updating to several more Tasks.
  • Make several repairs to the Generic Magneto-Electric Response Task QuikLook configuration dialog.
Version 5.28.6
  • Vision driver 5.28.6 makes internal changes that apply to hardware and controlling software that is under development.
  • The Sorting Filter Task has added to it the capacity to set Die Row, Die Column and Capacitor ID at runtime.
  • Sorting Filter Task Instructions are now included in the distribution. No Task Instructions previously existed for the Sorting Filter.
  • General Changes, discussed over the past few releases are extended to the Sorting Filter and the Check Hysteresis Task.
  • The Check Hysteresis Task now allows the user to enable the Sample Information dialog to appear at runtime after the Data Presentation dialog is closed. This is primarily for researchers who are measuring samples across a wafer. The dialog allows the Sample Information to be updated and recorded each time the Task executes.
  • The Check Hysteresis Task Instructions have been updated.
Windows XP and Vista Support Has Ended - Vision 5.27.x cannot be installed under Windows XP or Vista.

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