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Vision Date and Version


Current Installer Version:  5.28.2
Current Installer Date:       20 October 2020

Version 5.28.2 includes:
  • Driver 5.28.4:
    • Update to High-Voltage error reporting.
    • Update to internal amplifier stage selection for some testers and amplifiers. This prevents measurements that are near to the switching voltage from being rejected. 
  • Repair the cumulative stress time reported by the Fatigue Task when custom times are selected
  • Apply any subset of the following changes to the Tasks listed below:
    1. Runtime Tabular Text Export file names can now be set dynamically by replacing sets of reserved characters with selected User Variables.
    2. In addition to scaling or incrementing parameters by a constant value to adjust the parameters in a Branch Loop, some parameters may now be associated with a text file that will provide custom values for the parameters.
    3. Some large dialog windows have been made resizable and scrollable to allow the entire dialog to be accessed on a smaller display.
    4. In view of item 3, some Tasks have had their tabbed Data Presentation displays eliminated.
    5. Tasks that present data may have display of their configuration dialogs disabled when the Task is recalled from a DataSet Archive. This speeds access to the data.
    6. Hardware and Measurement Tasks may now have their programmed configuration overridden at runtime by using a text file.
    7. Task Instructions update.
See the Task Instructions for complete details on any of these changes.

These Tasks have been updated as noted in the list above:
    • Single-Trace Loop Average (STLA) Filter (1, 5, 7)
    • Accessory Read (3)
    • Advanced C/V (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
    • Advanced Piezo (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
    • Auto Branch Abort (5, 7)
    • Branch (5, 7)
    • Transistor Current (1, 4, 5 [Task work is incomplete])
    • Transistor I/V (1, 5, 6, 7)
    • Transistor Curve Trace (1, 5, 6, 7)
    • Update User Variable (2, 3, 7)
    • User Variable Snapshot (5, 7)
    • Waveform (2, 6, 7)
All Tasks will have these updates extended to them over time.
  • The QuikLook Data-to-DataSet option default - "Do Not Save", "Save to New DataSet" or "Saved to Open DataSet" can be adjusted by the user under Tools->Options...->Measurement and Test Definition Execution
NOTE: No Version 5.28.1 was distributed by this site.

Version 5.28.0 includes (See Images Below):
  • Per the request of Mr. Nikolai Chekurov, Microsoft, Inc. the Hysteresis Task Runtime Tabular Text Export has been updated to allow the export file name to be dynamically adjusted by replacing reserved characters "0X0" with the values in selected User Variables. See the end of the Main or QuikLook Configuration topics in the Hysteresis Task Instructions for complete details. This option will be extended, over time, to all data-collecting Tasks including Measurement Tasks and Filters.
  • The Hysteresis Task Instructions have been updated to include discussion of the dynamic Runtime Tabular Text Export file name.
  • The Hysteresis Task Instructions have been updated to complete the discussion of a Plot Filter options.
  • Per the request of Dr. Fujibayashi, of , Hiroshima University, the Tools->Options...->Measurement and Test Definition Execution dialog tab has controls added to allow the user to change the default selection in the QuikLook-to-DataSet selection list box on QuikLook measurements Data Presentation dialogs. This option has been extended to all Tasks that allow QuikLook-to-DataSet data storage.
  • Per the request of Dr. Fujibayashi, the Tools->Options...->DataSet dialog tab has had check boxes added that allow the user to bypass review of the configuration dialog for all Tasks and of the plot configuration dialog for Measurement Tasks when data are recalled from the DataSet Archive. This reduces the number of steps to access the data. At this release, only the Hysteresis and Remanent Hysteresis Tasks respond to these settings. This option will be extended, over time, to all Tasks.
  • Hysteresis and Remanent Hysteresis configuration and data presentation dialogs have been made resizable and include active scrollbars. This option will be extended, over time, to all Tasks that present large, single-page, dialogs.
  • In view of their resizable data presentation dialogs, Hysteresis and Remanent Hysteresis have had their tabbed data presentation dialog removed. This will also be extended to other Tasks as appropriate.

Windows XP and Vista Support Has Ended - Vision 5.27.x cannot be installed under Windows XP or Vista.


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