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Vision Date and Version


Current Installer Version:  5.27.0
Current Installer Date:       7 July 2020

Version 5.27.0 includes:
  • Fix a bug in the main Vision program that mis-set the flag to abort a Test Definition execution if the driver returns an error. The flag was mis-set on Vision startup. Using the Tools->Options.. dialog set the flag correctly.
  • Fix a bug in the General Monopolar Task that was preventing the Task from writing itself to the DataSet Archive if the driver returned an error.
  • Fix a bug in the General Monopolar Task that was causing the Task to crash when recalled from the DataSet Archive if the Task execution returned an error from the driver.
  • All Vision components and Tasks updated to 5.27.0
  • Accumulated updates over the course of the 5.26.x versions indicated the need for an intermediate version update to 5.27.0.

Windows XP and Vista Support Has Ended - Vision 5.26.x cannot be installed under Windows XP or Vista.

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