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Multiplexer & Reliability Testing


The Radiant D2850C Multiplexer and 8-Position High Temperature Test Fixture for at-Temperature Testing


The Radiant D2850C Multiplexer provides an interface between a Precision Materials Analyzer and multiple capacitors under test inside a thermal chamber or oven.

The multiplexer has two banks of 8 relays electrically isolated from each other with an SMA connector for each relay on the bottom of the enclosure.

The unit can be controlled either by I2C from a tester or directly by USB without a tester.

Vision can control all channels individually as well as measure the chamber temperature with an embedded Type-T thermocouple.

Compatible Chambers that can easily accept the installation if our Multiplexer are:

Delta - 9028, 9039, 9059, 9064, 9076

Delta Chambers quoted upon request.

 Each channel is rated to 500 volts.  

Detailed Information Radiant's D2850C Multiplexer

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