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High Voltage Cryogenic Probe (HVCP)


High Voltage Crynogenic Probe Compatible with Quantum Chambers

Radiantís High Voltage Cryogenic Probe (HVCP) is compatible with Quantum Design PPMS© and DynaCool© Cryogenic Chambers. 
The fixture inserts into the Quantum Design system and connects to a Radiant Technologiesí Precision Non-linear Materials 
Tester to allow electrical testing of single crystal or bulk ceramic capacitors in the temperature and magnetic field environments 
created by the chamber.  Electrical measurements up to 1,200 volts may be executed at stable temperatures down to 10 Kelvin with DC 
magnetic fields up to 9 Tesla without electrical breakdown of the internal helium atmosphere that cools the chamber.  
Measurements above 1,200 volts up to 4,000 volts may be executed without breakdown if the chamber is placed in High Vacuum mode 
at the sacrifice of temperature stability due to the lower density of the helium atmosphere.  

Detailed information on Radiantís High Voltage Cryogenic Probe (HVCP)

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