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Test Stations For Thin Films


RTI -30 Probe Station


A basic rugged RF (and DC) probe station for the research of advanced active and passive components. Binocular and Trinocular stereo zoom microscope with 20X magnification (included wide field eyepieces), LED ring Illuminator, precision x-y stage with isolated and shielded chuck, vacuum hold down and Z-lift. Vacuum Pump included. Basic probe environment with professional features. Test device movement is independent of probe positioning function for ease of operation.  Hot chuck available and quoted upon request.

Specifications for RTI-30

⋅ 4” Stainless Steel Vacuum Chuck
⋅ Vacuum Rings x1 for wafer 2” and single die
⋅ Side Driven Chuck Stage X-Y 3”-3”
⋅ Resolution 10 micron
⋅ Platen Bar x2 (East/West)
⋅ Chuck Theta 30 degrees

⋅ Linear X-Y-Z Travel 12mm-12mm-12mm
⋅ 40 Thread/Inch
⋅ Stainless Steel Lead Screw
⋅ Magnet Base
⋅ Right Hand Use

⋅ Linear X-Y-Z Travel 12mm-12mm-12mm
⋅ 40 Thread/Inch
⋅ Stainless Steel Lead Screw
⋅ Magnet Base
⋅ Left Hand Use

 Tip Holder
⋅ Spring Type Tip Holder
⋅ Coaxial cable 1.5 m long terminated with BNC male

 Tungsten Tip
⋅ 5 micron dia.
⋅ Box of 10

 Stereo Microscope
⋅ E.P. 20x
⋅ Zoom 1x-5x
⋅ Total Magnification 20x-100x
⋅ For target 20 ΅ x 20 ΅ and larger
⋅ LED ring light with light intensity adjustment


Simple Test Station

Simple Test Station  - is a simple probe station for basic test application for both DC and low frequency RF.   Hot chuck available and quoted upon request.


-          Capable for DC, RF, HVHC

-          At 20 kg, portable and can be moved between laboratories

o   Share instruments if they’re not accessible in your lab!

-          At 320 mm x 320 mm footprint, can be placed inside a glovebox:

o   Dry environment for hot and cold testing

o   Oxygen free environment for sensor chips

-          Placed on top of an optical table

o   Use directly under a solar simulator

-          Small test station

o   For chips or dies

o   One-off testing away from production testing

o   Classroom use for teaching and tutorial



-          2” vacuum chuck

-          2”x2” coaxial X-Y stage

-          320 mm x 320 mm footprint

-          Built in simple vibration isolation

-          High Resolution Digital Microscope



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