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New Installation of Vision Software


Vision 5 Presentation and Installer


Vision 5.x Installer Download for New Installations and Existing Vision Update. 

The instructions in this document have been updated as of 2 October 2018

Vision 5.0 Download 

Latest Vision Installer - Vision 5.18.1 - 2 October 2018

Support for Windows XP and Vista has ended.

NOTE: The Trend Micro Antivirus has been know to flag this installer with a "heu_xxxxxxx (Trojan Horse)" file. This is a false positive detection. This installer is malware-free.

This page is used to install the latest version of the Vision program - Vision 5.18.  Use the installer on this page to install Vision to host computers that have never had Vision installed or to update computers that have older versions of the program already installed.

Vision may be installed on any Windows host computer running Windows 7 or later.  These include Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.  Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer supported. The same installer can be used for 32-Bit and 64-Bit host computers. For documentation purposes, 64-Bit host computers are assumed. 
The Vision program installed from this page will operate all Precision Testers, regardless of model or age, that connect to a separate host computer through a USB cable.  It does not operate the Precision Workstation or original Precision Pro/Premier with internal CPUs.

To Update Existing Vision Installations:
  • Simply download and run the installer.
To Install Vision to a Fresh Host Computer:

Note that you must install Vision before connecting your Precision tester for the first time.  Simply download the installer under the Vision 5 download button below, and run the installer.  Acknowledge all warnings and allow the installation to proceed. Details of incremental updates are presented below under "Vision Version Log".

Please Note the Following:

  • At the end of a new installation, the installer will open a link to the Radiant Technologies, Inc. YouTube page.  This page provides a variety of general topics and topics directed at specific and specialized equipment and software. This will only happen on initial installation. Updates do not open the page.
  • Vision may be installed by anybody and may be installed to any number of host computers.  A Precision tester does not need to be purchased to license Vision.
  • Several Task Suites in Vision - including Piezo, Chamber, Magneto-Electric Measurements and Transistor Measurements - must be purchased to operate.  The Tasks in these Task Suites are installed by the installer and are available to everyone for review.  Everyone can recover and review data collected by licensed versions of the Task Suites.  In order to actually operate the Task Suites, the Tasks must be licensed.  A file named Security.Sec is shipped to customers who have purchased one or more Custom Task Suites.  The file is copied to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Radiant Technologies\Vision\System folder.  The Security.sec file is keyed both to the Task Suite(s) purchased and to a code in the specific tester for which the license is issued.  The Task Suites may be licensed on any number of host computers, but the licensed is not transferable to other testers.

To Install the Precision Tester:

  • For Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 host computers, Precision Premier II, Multiferroic, LC II and RT66C tester shipped after July 2014 will install themselves with no action required by the user. For RT66B tester and other Precision testers older than July 2014, additional action must be taken within Windows to allow the tester to install. Please refer to Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 Tester Installation.pdf.
  • Connect the tester to a USB port on the host computer and turn it on.
  • For RT66B and original Precision LC (not LC II) testers, follow the installation instructions in Step-by-Step 64-Bit Installation.  These documents were also included in the tester shipment.
Vision Version Log:

Version 5.18.0 - 6 September 2018
  • Repair an error that was causing Vision 5.18.0 to fail to start when installed to a new host computer.
  • Add "Beep on Execute" option to all Tasks.
Version 5.18.0 - 6 September 2018
  • Driver 5.17.4 - Includes important updates for the RT66C and tools for the future release of the pMEMS tester.
  • Repairs to the ETD Transfer function. Transferred ETDs that included repeated Tasks in a Branch Loop no longer show the repeated Tasks in the "Experiment Design" folder.
  • Waveform and DC Bias Task show the DRIVE electric field (kV/cm) if Volts are specified. The display Volts if the DRIVE signal is specified in electric field (kV/cm).
  • Other general updates and repairs.
Version 5.17.6 - 20 August 2018
  • Driver 5.17.3 - Includes important updates for the RT66C.
  • Repairs to the Remanent Chamber Task. The Task was not allowing custom temperature profiles to be programmed.
  • Other general updates and repairs.
Version 5.17.5 - 23 July 2018
  • Rename the Signal File Task to "Signal File - Write".
  • Add the Signal File - Read Task and Task Instructions to the distribution.
  • Move the Signal File - Write and File Start/Abort Tasks to TASK LIBRARY->Program Control->External 
  • Signaling and add the Signal File Read Task.
  • Remanent Hyteresis allows high-speed interlaced measurement. (40 points at 250 MHz [0.004 ms]).
  • Many minor corrections to Tasks and Task Instructions.
Version 5.17.4
  • This version was never posted. It was an in-house release that consisted of internal changes related to future development.
Version 5.17.3 - 5 July 2018
  • Driver 5.17.1.
  • Task Instructions update.
  • Several minor repairs to the PUND Task.
Version 5.17.2 - 5 July 2018
  • Driver 5.17.0.
  • Add Exit Test Definition to the Signal File Task execution dialogs.
Version 5.17.1 - 26 June 2018
  • Update to Quantum Design PPMS Task.
  • Add last-point zeroing to Advanced Piezo.
  • Add subsampling and smoothing to Hysteresis and Displacement derivative calculations in Piezo Filter.
  • Add updated firmware files to C:\RT_USB.
Version 5.17.0 - 26 June 2018
  • Driver 5.16.8.
  • When a DataSet shuts down it creates a text file of its own name and in its own location. The text file lists all external files that are associated with the DataSet. The intention is to allow the user to identify files that need to be packaged with the DataSet when the DataSet is moved. The files may include, but are not limited to:
    • Data Task Vision Data File (VDF, *.vis)

    • Data Task run-time tabular text export file

    • Hysteresis-based Task Custom DRIVE Profile voltage list file

    • Filter and Long-Duration Task run-time image export file

    • Standard export file for all Tasks

    • Hyperlink Task linked files

    • ETD Notes files

    • General Info ETD marker file

    • Hyperlink ETD marker file

    • Adjustable ETD marker file

    • Data Mining ETD marker file

    • ETD Transfer ETD marker file

  • Various minor updates.
Version 5.16.12 - 24 May 2018
  • Driver 5.16.7.
  • PAINT Task Instructions update.
  • Various minor updates.
Version 5.16.11 - 17 May 2018
  • Various minor adjustments to the program, the Tasks and the Task Instructions.
Version 5.16.10 - 26 April 2018
  • Add a SENSOR 1 or 2 input option to the FFT Filter Task.
  • Update to Task Instructions for several Tasks.
  • Driver 5.9.6.
Version 5.16.9 - 16 April 2018
  • Driver 5.16.5 fixes an error in controlling the HVDM II.
Version 5.16.8 - 12 April 2018
  • Add the Signal File Task and Task Instructions.
  • Fix Advanced C/V Max. Field (kV/cm) data presentation dialog value.Repair Transistor I/V Task data-mined data input to the Collect/Plot Filter Task.
  • Fixed initialization, cloning and archive recall of Logic 0 and Logic 1 error counts and values in Remanent Hysteresis.
Version 5.16.7 - 9 April 2018
  • Fix data indexing in Transistor Curve Trace.
  • Set the configured Task Name as the ETD Name in right-click shortcut General Information Task and Hyperlink Task insertion into a DataSet Archive.
  • Repair Transistor I/V Task data-mined data input to the Collect/Plot Filter Task.
  • Update to the driver.
  • Fix Editor global parameter update. Updating Thickness also updates Voltages. Updating Thickness should update DRIVE signal strength, but only if Specify Field (kV/cm) is selected.
Version 5.16.5 - 23 March 2018
  • Fixed the Remanent Hysteresis Logic 1 and Logic 0 data display vertical offsets.
  • Fixed a Remanent Hysteresis Task bug that was causing the Logic 0 measurements to switch sample polarization.
  • Add User Variable Only data collection to the Single-Input Single-Point Filter Task
Version 5.16.4 - 21 March 2018
  • Add dynamic profile preview to the I/V and Advanced C/V Tasks
  • Display the max RETURN ADC voltage as a percentage of the max possible RETURN ADC voltage.
  • Add User Variable Only data collection to the Single-Point Filter Task
Version 5.16.3 - 14 March 2018
  • Add the Read QD PPMS/DynaCool Task Instructions
  • Vision driver update - version 5.16.2.
Version 5.16.2 - 9 March 2018
  • Add the Read QD PPMS/DynaCool Task. (Task Instructions are not yet available.)
  • Fix Remanent Hysteresis Preset Period (ms) limits. The period limit was 10,000.0 ms. It is now 30,000.0 ms since this is a triangular waveform, not a pulse.
  • Fix Simple Pulse "Current Volts" recall from the DataSet Archive. Current Pulse Width (ms) was being recalled twice, so that Current Pulse Width was updated incorrectly and Current Volts was not updated at all.
  • Adjust the button labels on progress dialogs for several Tasks. Button labels are updated to make the button action clearer. In general, the buttons are "Abbreviate xxx and Abort Branching" and "Abbreviate xxx", where "xxx" is the activity being shortened.
  • Add the I2C Pulse Task and I2C Pulse Task Instructions.
Version 5.16.1 - 26 February 2018
  • Return the driver to the previous condition.
  • Some Task Instructions updates.
Version 5.16.0 - 23 February 2018
  • Driver 5.16.0 released to resolve a DRIVE and RETURN signal synchronization error in high-speed Hysteresis-based measurements.
  • Some Task Instructions updates.
  • Sufficient minor changes have accumulated to warrant an update to the intermediate version number.
Version 5.15.16 21 February 2018
  • Correct a bug in the installer that was writing the program to the wrong Windows folder.
Version 5.15.15 16 February 2018
  • Add Curve Energy Monopolar Energy-In Area as single-point input to the Single-Point and Single-Input Single-Point Filter Tasks.
  • Correct run-time tabular text exporting in the Long-Duration Collect/Plot Filter Task.
  • Task Instructions updates.
Version 5.15.13 24 January 2018
  • All Measurement and Filter Tasks that allow run-time tabular text exporting have had the text string length limit, for any given line of text, extended to 50,000 characters.
Version 5.15.12 - 20 December 2017
  • Adjust text buffer size from 1000 characters to 5000 characters for run-time text export in most Filter Tasks.
  • Correct Remanent Hysteresis Logic 1 and Logic 0 centering.
Version 5.15.11 - 18 December 2017
  • Repaired Curve Energy Task High-Voltage Branch Loop voltage adjustment limit.
  • Repaired Curve Energy Task data cloning to allow the Task to be data mined.
  • Finish uncheck and disable Center Data Before PMax... controls when the DRIVE profile type is a monopolar profile in all Hysteresis-based Tasks that allow automatic monopolar selection.
Version 5.15.10 - 15 December 2017
  • Repaired integral calculations in Curve Energy Monopolar measurements. 
  • Fixed Curve Energy units to either ÁJoules (Charge (ÁC) x Volts) or mJoules/cm3 (Polarization (ÁC/cm2) x Electric Field (kV/cm) / 1000 (mJ / ÁJ) ).
  • Add Double Monopolar and Double Monopolar Sine DRIVE Profile options to all Tasks that offer selectable profiles.
  • Start updating Hysteresis-based Tasks to uncheck and disable centering before single-point (PMax (ÁC/cm2), ▒Pr (ÁC/cm2), ▒Vc) calculations when the DRIVE profile selection is monopolar.
  • Task Instructions updated through External Instrument Tasks.
Version 5.15.9 - 30 November 2017
  • Add startup code that checks the number of days since last Vision update. Notifies the user to update if the number of days is 60 or more. If the user does not update, the number of days to the next notification will be 5. 
Version 5.15.8 - 21 November 2017
  • Driver 5.15.8 restores control of older testers that was changed for later-model tester.
Version 5.15.7 - 20 November 2017: 
    • Driver 5.15.7 fixes an error in Precision Premier II and Multiferroic Rev F testers.
Version 5.15.6 - 1 November 2017: 
  • Fix a bug that was causing the Read Temperature Task to crash.
  • Continued Task Instructions update.
Version 5.15.5 - 18 October 2017: 
    • Revert to older Precision RT66C firmware to correct an error in high-voltage measurements longer than 570 ms.
    • More Task Instructions updates.
    • Minor corrections and updates to various Tasks pursuant to the Task Instructions updates.
Version 5.15.4 - 10 October 2017: 
    • Fix an Editor Aide bug when importing Tasks to the Editor List from a file.
    • Update the CS 2.5 DC Field and DC Current Tasks to allow the user to specify signal in units of magnetic field (G), with a Field/Signal conversion ratio or in the Tasks units: Current (A) or Voltage.
    • Continued updating of the Main Vision Help and Task Instructions
Version 5.15.3 - 22 August 2017: 
    • Updated the Editor Aide tool so that Tasks moved into the Editor Aide from the Editor retain all configured parameters.
    • Main Vision help update that includes figure updating in early pages to conform with new dialog structures.
Version 5.15.2 - 21 August 2017: 
    • Completed dialog reorganization and Task Instructions button update.
    • Driver update related to the internal 200-Volt amplifier rev H.
Version 5.15.1 - 8 August 2017: 
    • Continued dialog reorganization: OK and Cancel buttons moved to the upper left to be accessible on all monitors; Text fields resized to allow dialog size reduction; Icons set to modal background only; etc. (This update is not yet extended to all Tasks.) 
    • Repair to Leakage Task. The Task was crashing Vision when recalled from a DataSet Archive.
    • Repair to the HV amplifier selection dialog. The dialog would not allow channel 2 to be selected for a two-channel HVI.
Version 5.15.0 - 1 August 2017: 
    • Driver update (version 5.15.3).
    • Tester firmware files (*.hex) updated for the RT66C.
    • Updated labeling for late-model tester amplification levels.
    • Expanded dialog reorganization: OK and Cancel buttons moved to the upper left to be accessible on all monitors; Text fields resized to allow dialog size reduction; Icons set to modal background only; etc. (This update is not yet extended to all Tasks.) 
    • Task Instruction control replaced by a button with the Task Instructions bitmap as background. This should make it more evident that Task Instructions is a control to be clicked. (This update is not yet extended to all Tasks.)
    • Project and all Tasks updated to version 5.15.0.
Version 5.14.2 - 18 September 2017: 
    • Driver update (version 5.14.9.
    • Tester firmware files (*.hex) updated for most testers.
    • Data Mining update: Using the Back button to return to the Task Type Selection dialog tab from the Task Selection dialog tab, and to change the Task type selected, was crashing the program. The process now works for that particular case. Changes to other Data Mining dialog tabs accessed using the Back button still need investigation and correction.
    • Main Vision help update.
    • Task Instructions update for several Tasks.
    • Dialog organization update for several Tasks.
    • Task Instructions control updated to a Task Instructions button with the Task Instructions bitmap as background.
    • Updates to Set Temperature, Chamber, Remanent Chamber and Imprint Task control of the Delta 9015 thermal controller.
Version 5.14.1 - 1 August 2017: 
    • Driver update (version 5.14.6.
    • Error corrected. Registering a DataSet at a drive root (C:\*.dst, D:\*.dst, etc) rather than in a folder path  (C:\<folder>\...\<folder>\*.dst,) caused Vision to crash. Vision would then fail to start until C:\DataSets\xplorerdb.cpu was deleted. DataSet files (*.dst) may now be registered from a drive root folder.
Version 5.14.0 - 27 July 2017: 
    • Sufficient accumulated recent and new changes to update the major version number.
    • Main Vision help opens on Vision startup. This can be disabled under "Tools->Options->Vision Startup and Misc.".
    • Add global seeing of 1.0 nF Capacitor and/or 2.5 MW Resistor and/or Reference Ferroelectric internal reference elements  under the Editor right-click "Assign Parameters" tool. 
    • Main Vision help pages update.
    • All Tasks to version 5.14.0.
    • Various minor updates.
Version 5.13.12 - 7 July 2017: 
  • Driver version 5.14.5. Includes updates for the release of the Precision LC II Rev F hardware.
  • Various minor updates.
Version 5.13.10 - 26 May 2017: 
  • Add the FFT Filter Task and Task Instructions. The Task is in TASK LIBRARY->Filters->Math.
  • Fix the Long-Duration Current Task.
  • Various minor updates.
Version 5.13.10 - 26 May 2017: 
  • Driver 5.14.4.
Version 5.13.9 - 16 May 2017: 
  • Driver 5.14.2.
  • Updated Main Vision Help.
Version 5.13.8 - 16 May 2017: 
  • Fix Voltage Lockout feature errors.
  • Update the enabling, disabling, setting and clearing of various controls in Editor Aide.
  • Help page and Task Instructions updates.
Version 5.13.7 - 15 May 2017: 
  • Driver update - Version 5.14.1.
  • User-Adjustable Low and High-Voltage Lockout in the Options... dialog.
Version 5.13.6 - 9 May 2017: 
  • Driver update - Version 5.13.9.
  • Fix Bulk Export ETD selection.
  • Replace "Kepco" with "Generic" in the magneto-electric Task suite.
  • Fix I/V Task Text exporting
Version 5.13.5 - 1 May 2017: 
  • Add an Editor Aide toolbar icon.
  • Increase the toolbar icon size and add a border to icons..
  • Add Task Comments setting to the Editor Aide tool.
Version 5.13.4 - 27 April 2017: 
  • Internal changes
Version 5.13.3 - 19 April 2017: 
  • Correct Advanced C/V and I/V preset auto amplification setting.
  • Correct PUND Profile Preview.
Version 5.13.2 - 18 April 2017: 
  • Driver update.
  • New release of Internal/High-Voltage selection dialog. Allows users with a new High-Voltage Interface (HVI), with internal EERPROM, released after 10 April 2017, to select alternate amplifiers and update the EEPROM.
  • Repair to QuikLook configuration of the General Information Task.
Version 5.13.1 - 6 April 2017: 
  • Driver update.
  • Update to TDC Hysteresis to fix centering on all data plots.
  • Data Mining updated to allow 10,000 Tasks of the selected type. Previously the maximum number was 1000.
Version 5.13.0 - 3 April 2017: 
  • There is no single significant change that resulted in this moderate version update. Instead, an amalgamation of many  smaller changes call for an update to the version. These include:
    • Incorporate Vision temperature and magnetic field control, using a MultiVu Macro, of the Quantum Design PPMS.
    • Add independent custom Branch Loop duration periods to the Waveform Task.
    • Allow user selection of any programmed model of High-Voltage Amplifier (HVA) in external HVI/HVA high-voltage measurements.
    • Significant corrections to the tester driver.
    • Other minor changes and additions.
Version 5.12.10 - 21 March 2017: 
  • Eliminate .NET installation mistakenly added to the installer under 5.12.9.
  • Update Measurement Task Amplification Level lists for some testers under some configuration conditions.

Operating Vision


After downloading, run the installer.  Then, start Vision from the icon that appears on the desktop.  To learn to operate Vision go to the Help->Help Topics menu and examine the tutorials pages.  These will very quickly make you proficient in basic and advanced program operation.

After installing Vision, be sure to check regularly for updates by returning to the Vision download form and selecting the "Update" installation option.  Updates are performed using Self-Extracting Executable files and updating only the Vision files that are necessary.  

Good luck in your Vision experience.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments or difficulties.

Scott P. Chapman

Computer Engineer

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