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Current Installer Version: 5.42.1 - 22 September 2022

Version 5.41.2 - Minor Update

  • Add Capacitance (µF), Normalized Capacitance (µF/cm2), Dielectric Constant and Instantaneous Current (mA) columns to text data exporting in the Hysteresis Task. This will be extended to all Hysteresis-based Tasks over time.
  • The Task Report that is found in Filter Tasks has been truncated before the Task is stored to the DataSet Archive for the Single-Point, Single-Input Single-Point and Single-Point 3D Filter Tasks. This will be extended to the remaining Filter Tasks over time. This prevents these three Filter Task from growing the database file in size as a second-degree polynomial in a Branch Loop. For these Filters the database size now grows at a constant rate. Other Filters, in Append or Accumulate mode, will continue to grow the database size at an accelerating rate, but this action will still mitigate the rate of growth.
  • Several Tasks have had their Task Instructions moved from *.chm files to *.htm files accessed on-line.

Version 5.42.0 - Intermediate Update

  • Single-Point C/V and Single-Point C/V for Magneto-Electric measurements have been updated to calculate, store, display and provide User Variables for Tickle Frequency (Hz) = 1000.0  / Pulse Width (ms) and Dielectric Constant.
  • Single-Point and Single-Input Single Point Filter Tasks have been updated to allow the Tickle Frequency (Hz) to be selected as the independent (X) parameter and Dielectric Constant to be selected as one of the dependent (Y) parameters for Single-Point C/V Task input.
  • FFT-X Filter is repaired to properly handle PAINT Task or DLTS Task input when either of these is programmed to delay opening the integrator [starting the measurement].
  • In Advanced Piezo, when using a Polytec laser vibrometer as input, the Task collects, stores, displays and assigns to a User Variable the actual displacement gain (µm/V), velocity gain [(mm/s)/V] and velocity bandwidth.
  • For the Single-Point 3D Filter Task, the Task only stores, recalls and displays data vectors when the number of samples is an integer multiple of Rows X Columns and the number of Rows is at least two. In other words, when at least two rows are completely filled with data and there is no excess data, the Task will store data and plot data on Archive Regraph. Otherwise the Task may be recalled from the DataSet Archive for configuration review, but no data will be plotted. Archived records of older executions of the Task have been grandfathered and can be recalled from the DataSet Archive.
  • Task Instructions have been updated for several Tasks.
  • The HAL is updated to version 5.42.0.

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