Vision Software Download and Update Request

Current Installer Version: 5.46.3 - 30 April 2024

Version 5.46.3 - Minor Update

  • Minor repair to the RT6000 Import Filter Task. In high-voltage data, the VMax value was being scaled by 1/amplifier gain and mis-reported. For example. for a 1 kV measurement with a 1000.0 V/V gain, VMax was being reported as 1.0 Volt. This has been corrected.

Version 5.46.2 - Minor Update

  • Fix an out-of-sync read file error in the RT6000 Import Filter Task.
  • Fix a significant error in Advanced Piezo that was crashing the Task when operating without a Polytec Laser Vibrometer.

Version 5.46.1 - Minor Update

  • Fix a startup issue that did not allow an unregistered DataSet to register properly when Vision is opened from the DataSet file..
  • In the Hysteresis Task, when the DRIVE signal is specified in units if Electric Field (kV/cm), the exported DRIVE signal vector was given in units of Volts, although the column heading is correct.
  • In the Hysteresis and Curve Energy Tasks, when the DRIVE signal is specified in units if Electric Field (kV/cm), ±Ec (kv/cm) was being misscaled and misreported to all export formats.
  • In the Curve Energy Task, for bipolar measurements, any programmed DC Bias (V or kV/cm) was not being applied to the actual DRIVE signal.

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