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Current Installer Version: 5.43.2 - 22 December 2022

Version 5.43.2 - Intermediate Update

  • Extend the Omega CN7xx Thermal Controller to Set Temperature, Chamber and Remanent Chamber. The controller is not yet included in Imprint.
  • Final validation of Polytec VibroOne laser displacement detector under Advanced Piezo.
  • Adjust PLoss (µC/cm2) Runtime Tabular Text Export (RTTTE) output in all Hysteresis-based Tasks.
  • Retract the AutoCal 230° probe on Vision startup and on hardware refresh.

Version 5.43.1 - Minor Update

  • Add the NF 4052 20X/40X/100X and 200X High-Voltage Amplifier (HVA) to the list of available amplifiers to be selected from when configuring high-voltage measurements.
  • Repairs to the Advanced Piezo Task control of the Polytec VibroOne laser displacement meter.
  • Propagate PLoss (µC/cm2) calculation and exporting to all Hysteresis-based Tasks.
  • Update the Remanent Chamber Task Instructions.
  • Offer the Remanent Chamber Task Instructions in HTML format.
  • Add the Omega CN7xx family of thermal controllers to the Read Temperature Task selection list.

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