Vision Software Download and Update Request

Current Installer Version: 5.35.0
Current Installer Date:  21 October 2021

Version 5.35.0

  • Add or update Dialog Instructions throughout Vision.
  • Repair Leakage Task plotting.
  • Add customer info (Name, Distributer, Country Code) output to Admin Info.
  • Branch Loop Adjustable DC Bias added to some Hysteresis-Based Tasks.
  • Allow units of Electric Field (kV/cm) when updating DRIVE signal strength in a Branch Loop using Custom, from-file, Branch Loop adjustment.  Specify Profile Max. Field (kV/cm) must be checked in the updating Task.

Version 5.34.0

  • Automatic, Manual and Timed Manual Branch Abort and Exit Tasks have been removed from the TASK LIBRARY. These are supplanted by the Branch Abort and Exit Tasks, each of which comprises all of the capabilities of the retired Tasks. The original Tasks have only been removed from the TASK LIBRARY. They continue to be distributed so that older DataSets can be opened for review and execution.
  • Custom from-file Branch Loop adjustment of the Remanent Hysteresis Preset Voltage/Electric Field (kV/cm) has been added.
  • Repairs have been made to Hysteresis-based Tasks to correct an error that occurs when using a custom, from-file, DRIVE Profile with few points and a small sample delay (ms).
  • More updates and additions have been made to various Dialog Instructions.



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