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Current Installer Version: 5.45.0 - 1 November 2023

Version 5.45.0 - Intermediate Update

  • Hysteresis-based Tasks can be configured to Period (ms) of up to 60,000.0 ms. This is available only for the Precision LC II as of this release, but will be extended to the Premier II, Multiferroic II and pMEMS soon.
  • For all Precision testers except the RT66C the maximum Pulse Width (ms) is 1000.0 ms. For the RT66C, it is 500.0 ms. However, Vision was allowing up to 10,000.0 ms to be programmed. The limit is adjusted to 1000.0 ms for all Pulse Tasks.
  • Adjustments have been made to the Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) to allow the latest revision (Rev I) of the 100.0-Volt internal amplifier to be identified.
  • The Sorting Filter Task has several new User Variables added to allow for improved Test Definition automation.
  • The If/Then, Else and Endif Tasks have had their icons adjusted to stand out in a Test Definition. Their primarily color is now blue, rather than the common purple color of most Task icons.
  • The If/Then Task has had a user-programmable prompt added that appears during manual execution.
  • All Tasks are updated to 5.45.0.

Version 5.44.3 - Minor Update

  • Vision startup dependency on registry entries has been eliminated. There are two consequences:
    • Vision hosts with multiple users no longer need to update the registry for each user.
    • Vision will no longer operate on 32-bit Windows hosts. Do not update if you are running under a 32-bit Windows host. Consider updating your host computer.
  • The Free-Space Permittivity Constant has been fixed throughout Vision when calculating dielectric constant. An error in the previous constant was causing a calculation error of less than 1%.
  • Adjustments and corrections have been made to Polytec Laser Vibrometer configuration in the Advanced Piezo Task.

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