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Lake Shore/Radiant Rapidly Characterize Devices Over Variable Temperatures


Lakeshore/Radiant Temperature Measurements

Ferroelectric materials are used in a wide variety of applications, including sensors, ferroelectric memory
(FeRAM), MEMs devices, actuators, and photovoltaics. Rapid assessment of ferroelectric device characteristics is critical to improving ferroelectric materials processing as well as developing accurate ferroelectric device models. The combination of Radiant ferroelectric test solutions and Lake Shore probe stations offers researchers a flexible platform to efficiently characterize multiple devices in a cryogenic probing environment. The addition of cryogenic temperature characterization can open new frontiers to understanding dielectric properties, switching mechanisms, and fatigue in ferroelectric materials.

Measurements Include

Hysteresis vs. temperature
Leakage vs. temperature
Hysteresis speed vs. temperature
Remanent hysteresis vs. temperature
PUND remanent polarization vs. temperature
PUND frequency response vs. temperature
Breakdown voltage vs. temperature
IV vs. temperature
CV vs. temperature
Fatigue vs. temperature
Retention vs. temperature
Imprint vs. temperature

Lake Shore and Radiant Rapidly Characterize Ferroelectric Devices Brochure

High Voltage Cryogenic Hysteresis

Properties of PZT at Cryogenic Temperatures Presentation

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