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Piezoelectric Testing


Specialists in Piezoelectric Testing


Radiant Technologies, Inc. specializes in the measurement of electrical and piezoelectric properties of non-linear materials.   The Piezoelectric Task captures a sample's displacement  as a function of voltage profile along with the sample's polarization response.  An external displacement measurement instrument must be attached to a Radiant Precision Test System to make this measurement.  All of the Radiant testers are equipped with a high-impedance voltage input to capture the output of a displacement sensor.  Every Vision measurement task will collect data from that sensor input simultaneously with the measurement being executed.

Radiant's test systems work easily with displacement sensors which include:

1)   non-contact optical sensors;
2)   laser vibrometers; and
3)   atomic force microscopes
4).  Radiant's piezoelectric bundles


Radiant's Bulk Ceramic Piezoelectric Test Bundles

Radiant's Heated Bulk Ceramic Test Bundle 

Heated Bulk Ceramic Piezoelectric/Pyroelectric Test Bundle 230° -  The bundle includes a Piezoelectric Displacement Sensor, Heated Piezoelectric/Pyroelectric Measurement Test Fixture, and Advanced Piezoelectric Software. The Bulk Piezoelectric/Pyroelectric Test Bundle allows samples to internally be heated to 230C in a self-contained test fixture. The heating unit is built-in to the sample holder, so no additional temperature chamber is necessary. The bundle's simple user interface is controlled by Radiant's fully automated Vision Data Acquisition Software
Bulk Piezoelectric Test Bundle -  The Bulk Piezoelectric Test Bundle is a cost effective option for researchers measuring piezoelectric displacements on the order of one micron or larger using Radiant testers.  The high voltage displacement test fixture provides a safe operating environment for testing at high voltages and is rated to 10kV. The fiber optic sensor detects the amplitude of non-coherent light reflected from the sample surface to determine the distance from the sensor wand to the sample surface.

Radiant's Thin Film Piezoelectric Bundle Options

Radiant's Thin Film Piezoelectric Bundle - Accurately determines the e31, d31 and e33 coefficients for piezoelectric thin films with 2% reload uniformity.

Precision Nano Displacement Sensor

Precision Nano Displacement Sensor (PNDS) - Radiant’s Precision Nano Displacement System is a modified Atomic ForceR Microscope designed to capture the large signal piezoelectric butterfly loops of piezoelectric and ferroelectric capacitors. It does so by use of a Light Lever where a fixed laser reflects a beam off of a thin cantilever in contact with the sample surface.
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